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Dr Amrita Ranchod

About Dr Amrita


Dr Amrita graduated from the University of Otago in 2006. Crossing the Tasman in 2007 after graduating, Dr Amrita has amassed many years of experience in exceptional private dental practices in Australia. Starting out in New South Wales, Amrita has also worked through various parts of Queensland before settling in Melbourne, a place she now calls home.

Professionally, Amrita has completed numerous courses in Cosmetic Dentistry, Jaw joint dysfunction (TMD), Snoring and Sleep apnoea, and orthodontics amongst others.  Dr Amrita has been awarded the prestigious David B. Scott Fellowship from the International Association of Dental Research.

When Amrita is not practicing dentistry, she is most likely found attending to her garden, or cooking up a storm.

Amrita will be happy to welcome you to My Smile Dental on Thursdays & Fridays.amrit