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Sedation Dentistry

What is Happy Gas?

Happy gas is also known as the laughing gas. The gas contains a nitrous oxide, which helps to calm down both kids and adults. You go on to have a relaxed experience and helps you overcome all your fears relating to the dental clinic or the sharp tools and injections used by the dentists. It takes your mind to a state of euphoria – a condition that fills you up with happiness and only happiness.

Happy gas is the most preferred form of sedation dentistry among patients. Not only is it relatively safe for both kids and adults, but it is also the most comfortable option you could go for. The effect of this gas wears off in as less as 2-minutes time, which is why our caring dentists will make sure you keep inhaling the gas seamlessly until they are done with your dental procedure.

Why Happy Gas?

Dental clinics can feel intimidating, especially for children. Convincing your little one to go for a check-up or cavity treatment can be tough due to their fear of dental tools and the clinic environment. However, it’s important to visit the dentist before problems get worse. Ignoring a simple cavity can lead to tooth decay and affect other teeth, making treatment more complicated and expensive.

Dental anxiety is common in both children and adults, but it shouldn’t stop anyone from getting the care they need. To help with this, My Smile Dental offers the Happy Gas option. This safe and affordable solution helps ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience, making dental visits much less scary.

Providing Happy Gas:

Before treatment, our caring dentists discuss your concerns and fears, suggesting the best sedation remedy if needed. You can request Happy Gas to ease your worries. We provide an information sheet on the process, risks, pros, and cons of laughing gas/oral sedation.

Happy Gas is simple and safe. Our professionals use a nose mask to administer nitrous oxide, adjusting the concentration for children and adults, monitored by high-tech machines.

At My Smile Dental, we use the latest equipment for an unmatched experience. Our dentists ensure your safety and comfort by monitoring your heartbeat throughout the procedure.

How does Happy Gas change your Body’s Mechanism?

While you start to inhale the Happy Gas, you feel a tingling sensation all over your body. You might begin to feel sleepy and light-headed during the procedure but are aware of what is happening around you. You can move and talk but will feel happy in whatever you wish to do.

The nitrous oxide enters your body mixed with oxygen and helps modulate your brain’s response to pain. It helps your body calm down and enter a state of supreme relaxation. During the Happy Gas inhalation process, you might also hallucinate and make up stories in your mind.

The best part about it is that you feel minimal pain during the ongoing treatment while under this sedative. You will also have minimal recall of the experience once the effect has been blown off.

Taking Care of Yourself:

Before the AppointmentAfter the Appointment
Before undergoing this procedure, you will receive an information sheet detailing all the risks and complications associated with laughing gas.

Please have a light meal two hours before your dental appointment.

Opt for easy-to-digest foods like plain toast with butter, a simple sandwich, a protein bar, or anything that isn’t too filling.

Avoid heavy meals such as steak, burgers, rice dishes, or anything high in calories.
After the procedure, you will quickly regain full awareness as the effects of laughing gas wear off.
However, you might experience some minor discomfort once the mask is removed.

Common after-effects include headaches and nausea.

If your child had the procedure, they might feel dizzy and could vomit.

Our caring dentists will supervise you afterward, ensuring you breathe in plenty of oxygen for five minutes.

Is Happy Gas expensive?

At My Smile Dental our clinic has been set up with the sole aim of providing comfortable, effective, and wallet-friendly treatment that is accessible to all. We make use of the latest technology and have a team of experienced dental professionals working with us to ensure your oral health and safety.

Happy gas is the safest sedative, costing around $100 per session. This investment can make visits stress-free for your child or give you the confidence to face dental procedures with ease.

At My Smile Dental, we have wallet-friendly solutions for most of the in-clinic procedures. You can pay from several easy and secured payment options that will keep both you and your wallet happy and fulfilled.