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Achieve the perfect smile you’ve always wanted

Attaining a perfect smile is something most of us would like to achieve, but it’s not always easy. Teeth become discoloured, perhaps decayed or chipped, while some people have noticeable gaps in their smile from a missing tooth or simply by the way their adult teeth formed. Plus there are lifestyle factors like drinking coffee, smoking and diet that can affect our oral health.

There are of course a variety of measures available to help us get our best possible smile, like porcelain veneers, orthodontics and teeth whitening among the many. Another to add to the list of options is resin bonding. In much the same way that veneers operate, bonding and fillings can help enhance the quality of your smile by altering the shape and colour of teeth and reducing the appearance of unattractive spaces. My Smile Dental is proud to offer cosmetic resin bonding at our Sydenham practice.


How the resin bonding process works

The resin bonding procedure begins with a consultation at our practice to assess whether it’s actually the most suitable treatment for you. If you’re a viable candidate, we’ll go ahead with the procedure. You can choose from a range of options which colour and shade of resin you would like us to apply. Then the dentist applies an adhesive to the front surface of your teeth and places the resin material over it. The resin is then shaped, hardened and polished to give you a natural looking result and most importantly, a great looking smile!

Resin bonding is completed in one easy session, with only a small amount of tooth reduction. Post treatment, you shouldn’t expect much tooth sensitivity if any, and the results of resin bonding should last on average about five years. If you’d like to find out more about resin bonding, or would simply like to book an appointment, give My Smile Dental a call on (03) 9390 9333 or contact us online today.

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