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When a filling is no longer effective and that tooth is no longer viable, most patients will be presented with one of two options. They can either have the tooth extracted, or undergo root canal treatment. This particular treatment becomes necessary (as the only alternative to having an extraction) when the pulp of the tooth (i.e. the blood or nerve supply) becomes infected as a result of decay or injury. Typical symptoms of an infection can include tooth pain, tenderness when biting, noticeable sensitivity to heat and cold, an obvious large cavity that extends into the nerve of the tooth, or the tooth suddenly becomes dark in colour. (However, some people might not experience any pain when the pulp of the tooth dies and will therefore remain unaware of the problem, meaning regular checkups are the best way to keep on top of your dental health). My Smile Dental performs root canal treatment from our practice in Sydenham, Melbourne. Give us a call if you’re experiencing noticeable pain.

What does root canal treatment involve?

Root Canal Surgery

Root canal treatment involves our dentist removing the pulp from within the tooth and then sealing the remaining cavity. Removing this pulp enables you to keep the tooth, and in situations where a filling is unlikely to preserve the tooth, not require it to be extracted.

Once we’ve completed your root canal surgery, we’ll place a final protective covering on the crown of the tooth. You may choose either a porcelain or gold crown. The crown fits around and protects the tooth like a hat. A cheaper option would be a white(composite) restoration but this does not support your tooth and you may run the risk of tooth fracture in the future.

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The essential details

Root Canal

The time taken to perform root canal treatment varies depending on the tooth, the shape of the canals, and the number of canals present. We will assess and quote each tooth on an individual basis. If you’d like further information, or would simply like to make an appointment, give My Smile Dental a call today on (03) 9390 9333. Alternatively you can book an appointment online.

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What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is used as treatment on a tooth where the nerve(pulp) of the tooth has died or is dying. When a nerve is in this state, it is usually painful and infected. Root canal treatment involves removed the infected/dead nerve, cleaning and shaping the canal/s and sealing it. This procedure can take few visits to do, the result is that the tooth doesn’t need to be extracted and can function like a normal tooth.

Is root canal treatment painful?

No, usually, the tooth is in pain before the procedure and commencing the procedure gives relief. Its unusual, but the tooth can initially be painful as a reaction but subsides pretty quickly.

What does root canal treatment involve?

There are 3 steps to the procedure and a restoration/filling or crown is placed after the treatment is completed.

Step 1. Removal of the nerve tissue, this is done under a rubber dam to protect the open tooth, it feels like having a restoration done where you will be given local anaesthetic for the procedure. Its complex treatment for the dentist, but for the patient, its not much of a difference then a standard restoration.

Step 2. The canals are cleaned and shaped. They are also irrigated and at times if required, medicated is placed in the canals.

Step 3. The canals are sealed with a special material so that it is filled and not allow for bacteria to located and reinfect it. Then a restoration is placed. For all 3 steps, local anaesthetic is given.