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As any experienced sportsperson will tell you, the humble mouthguard is invaluable as a means of preventing dental injuries in activities where there might be contact with a person’s face. Whether you’re involved in a contact sport like boxing or football, or one where collisions might occur such as BMX racing or basketball, a mouthguard helps toprevent knocked out teeth, broken jaws, cut cheeks, gums and lips, and many other injuries. If you need to get a mouthguard before you engage in sport, leisure or recreation activities, be sure to make an appointment with the team at My Smile Dental.

Types of Mouthguard

There are three main types of mouthguard a person can wear. You can buy a stock mouthguard, which comes pre-moulded and ready to wear. These are often the cheapest option but can be uncomfortable to wear as they are not tailored to the individual. Stock mouthguards also typically offer the least amount of protection.
The boil and bite mouthguard option involves the wearer softening the guard in boiling water and then biting on it in order to mould it into the shape of their mouth. While this sounds good in theory, many boil and bite mouthguards don’t end up holding their shape and therefore can be uncomfortable to wear.
Then there’s the custom fitted mouthguard – the option favoured by My Smile Dental and the Australian Dental Association(ADA). While these are the most expensive option, they provide the wearer with the greatest level of protection thanks to their close fit and ability to absorb shock. Your dentist or dental therapist will take an image of your teeth and create a plaster cast based on them. From the plaster cast, we then create a mouthguard that fits perfectly to the shape and measurements of your mouth.

Protect Yourself

Protect yourself today with a new mouthguard – contact My Smile Dental on (03) 9390 9333 to learn more or to make an appointment.