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Helping you achieve a beautiful smile

Smile Makeover

Ever since the Extreme Makeover series hit our TV screens, plastic surgeons and dentists have been inundated with enquiries from people wanting to make changes to their appearance.

At My Smile Dental, many of the calls we receive are from people across Melbourne wanting to find out more about getting a smile makeover but are unsure of the possibilities open to them. Practice founder Dr. Melly Salih says the best way to begin the transformation is to come in for an informal chat with her. She’ll take some photos and put them on the screen so that together, you can discover what changes are right for you.

Trust Dr. Salih with your smile make over needs

Smile Makeover Melbourne

Throughout her career as a dentist, Dr. Melly Salih has touched the lives of thousands of patients by giving them the vibrant, healthy smiles they deserve. Through performing many procedures in Melbourne, she has not only improved the oral health of many of these patients, but also helped to increase their self-esteem and confidence.

With 20 years of dental experience under her belt, Dr. Salih’s interest in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry has led her to seek out and learn from some of the best reconstructive dentists in Australia and overseas.

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The procedure

Smile Make Over

Your smile makeover, as with many cosmetic dentistry procedures, may involve a multifunctional approach. Initially we ask you to come in for a comprehensive oral examination. This includes a light scale/clean, a gum assessment, and a thorough dental examination with an intraoral camera that allows you to see and understand what is happening in your mouth. Then we take a series of x-rays and, in most cases, some intra-oral and extra-oral photos with study models. This enables your dentist to spend time to think, assess and advise on the variety of treatment alternatives that will best suit you.

This appointment takes about an hour and ends with you, the patient, discussing your concerns, needs and wants. We’ll have you return a few days later to sit in comfortable surrounds, away from the surgery room to discuss your best treatment options. Dr. Melly Salih or one of her trained treatment coordinators will explain and guide you through your written smile make over plan and outline your payment and treatment options.
The choice is then yours!

Get the look you want

smile makeover in melbourne

Whether you envision a dramatic new look, prefer a subtle enhancement, or have basic restorative needs, we believe that your experience at My Smile Dental will give you a beautiful new reason to smile. So, you don’t need to travel to Hollywood for a smile makeover. My Smile Dental is right here in Sydenham and we’re just waiting to hear from you.

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For an optimal smile makeover in Melbourne, give us a call on (03) 9390 9333 or make an appointment online.


What is a smile makeover?

A smile is something we take for granted but a person who doesn’t like to smile in public, hides their smile behind their hand, doesn’t have their photo taken is the person who needs a smile makeover. A smile makeover varies greatly, it’s a way of improving your smile it to give you the confidence to smile and to be socially confident. It can also include a functional improvement whereby you are able to eat without discomfort or pain.

What procedures are used for a smile makeover?

It covers from simple whitening and replacement of fillings to complex treatments such as orthodontics(braces), veneers, crowns, Botox and fillers.

What are the benefits of a smile makeover?

Smile makeover benefits are enormous to the individual. It helps are person with their self-confidence, self-esteem and this itself has ramifications on all aspects of their life, whether it be personal or professional, and its usually both.